Assign Learning Plan by Employee

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Managers are able to assign Learning Plans to their direct reports, but not create learning plans. An Admin will need to create the learning plan. Learning plans can consist of multiple training items the employee would need to complete, like: a course, task, evaluation (if you have performance) or a Knowledge Base Document.

  1. Select the employee(s) from the drop-down.
  2. Learning plan assignments will appear below with the following option:
    1. Delete - select to delete a learning plan from an employee.
    2. Add New Item to assign a new learning plan to the selected employee(s).
  3. Select Learning Plan from the drop-down.
  4. Select Assign to Employee.
  5. Upon assignment, the plan will appear for the employee in the following areas:
    1. On the employee's dashboard within the "My Training" widget.
    2. Under the My Learning Plans section within the LMS.

Learning Plans can also be auto assigned by Group(s) and/or Job Code(s) by the Admin. Instructions can be found here.

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