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Typically, an instructor would be given access to manage the class; the default Instructor role includes this. Click here to read more about adding a class.

  1. Select Course, click on the Class No. link
  2. Go to Special Actions section in the lower left of the page (located under Apply For Enrollment)
  3. Choose an option from the dropdown (see below) and press Go

Special Action Options

  • Edit Class: This will allow for the assignment of an instructor (see Instructor section for more details) to be made and alter any of the current class details, with the exception of details from the Advance Calendar Scheduling Options.
  • Copy Class: Quick and easy way to add a new class and just change out the dates and times.
  • Cancel Class: Will remove it from the catalog. Best practice is to send out an email, by clicking on the Compose Email to Scheduled Students to let them know the class has been canceled. An automated email will also go out for them to remove from their calendar.
  • Change Statuses: To quickly change statuses from Scheduled to Completed and then select Update Statuses. The selections in the drop-down are hardcoded and not configurable.
  • Print Roster: This can be printed off and used as a sign-in sheet. The Instructor can then use the sign-in sheet to update completion statuses within the class. Select preferred output:
    • View Online
    • Export to PDF
    • Export to Excel
    • Export to Word
    • Build Report, Print or Cancel
    • Fields included:
      • Course Title
      • Start Date
      • Start Time
      • End Date
      • End Time
      • Training Location
      • Student Name
      • Student Phone
      • Manager Name
      • Manager Phone
      • Status
      • Instructor

Additional Options

  • Compose Email to Scheduled Students: This will use your default email program and place all scheduled employees into the Bcc field.
  • Complete All: This option allows for a quick way to complete everyone enrolled. Enter a grade, percentage or N/A. This will change the Completed to Yes and add in a Grade below.
  • Manage Class Roster by individual employees.
    • Edit: Select edit next to the employee name to change their status, include a reason (reasons are not configurable), add in any additional comments and grade, then Update.
    • Delete: Select delete next to the employee name to delete their enrollment.
    • Employee Name: Select the employees name to view a snapshot of their employee profile.
  • Select Active Class to make the class live within the catalog for employees to enroll.
  • Deactivate Class if you no longer want the class to show up in the catalog. All employees will still be enrolled.
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