Manage Evaluations

The following Actions can be taken with the evaluations by pressing the Action "..." button to the left of the evaluation:

  1. Evaluation Details to manage/edit the details of the evaluation.

The details of the evaluation can be changed AFTER an evaluation has been assigned. The exception being you cannot change a standard evaluation to a project evaluation once the manage goals section exists on the form.

  1. Questions will allow you to add and edit the questions that make up the form.

Questions cannot be added to or deleted from an evaluation form after it has been assigned. The exception is that questions already on the evaluation can be edited.

  1. Copy Copys an evaluation. Edit the evaluation name to remove the word "Copy" (if preferred). You can then add in or edit question(s) on the form.
  2. Delete only evaluations not currently assigned to an employee can be deleted. Delete will remove the evaluation completely from the system. An alternate option would be to set the Evaluation to Inactive, which keeps it in the system and allows it to be made active again. To do so, go to the Details icon under the Actions column and uncheck the Active box.
  3. Preview allows Admins to review the evaluation form before assigning it to an employee. As a best practice, it is also recommended to run a test with test users to review the evaluation and workflow and make sure it is set up and performing correctly before going a final assignment is made.
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