Manage Goals

Managers are able to create, assign, approve, edit, delete, comment, copy and view goal(s) for their direct reports. For indirect reports, Managers can only view goals.

  • Edit - Managers can edit a goal. It is important to note that edits are not tracked. A best practice is to include a comment regarding any changes made to a goal.
    • Managing Steps Once the goal and its completion steps have been created, the employee will be able to go to the Goal Comments page to mark those steps as completed. If those steps were configured to be completed in order, the employee will be able to check the next step and add a description of their progress. If steps can be completed in any order, the employee will check the step they’ve completed and add a description.
    • Comments The step and description will be displayed in the comment log below the progress tracking area. The employee’s manager and administrators will also be able to access the Goal Comments page to check on their employee’s progress, make comments and complete steps as necessary.
  • Delete - Once a goal is deleted, there is no way to retrieve the goal. If a goal is deleted in error, it would need to be recreated.
  • Comment - Both Employees and Managers can add in comments to a goal. To view comments, select the plus (+) sign to the left of the goal name.
  • Copy - Used to copy a goal and make appropriate changes so it can be used for the next review cycle.
  • Include Completed - Goals marked as completed will not show up in the default view of goals. Select "Include Completed" to display completed goals.
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