Job Profile: Refresh Job

We have added the ability to refresh job board distribution every 30 days. To activate this feature, follow the instructions in ATS Administration.

To use Automatic Job Refresh as intended, see best practices listed below.

Do not use a Close Date or Length of Job Posting. This will allow you to refresh when needed. Then close the job manually once someone is hired.

  1. You will receive an email 3 days before the recommended refresh (30 day mark), suggesting you refresh your distribution to that board.
  2. In the Job Distribution Section (within the job profile):
    • Each board has the date the job posting is allowed to be refreshed.
    • If you are within 3 days of the aforementioned date, you can refresh the job for distribution on the 31st day.
  3. The 3 day reminder and refresh was set to allow you to account for holidays and weekends throughout the year, so your job remains active on job boards.
  4. When a Close Date has been set:
    • If the close date is within 7 days of the refresh date you will not receive the refresh email.
    • You will receive the 5 day and 2 day emails that the job is expiring.
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