How to Search Candidates in Candidate Pool

The candidate pool can be searched using search options or the filter by selections.

Navigating to Candidate List
If not already there, click Candidates from the top menu bar.


Basic Filter Options


Basic filter options include:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • City
  • State
  • Date
    • Within the last 7 days
    • Within the last 30 days
    • Within the last 90 days
  • Labels
  • Account Name

Search Options

To show the search options, click Click here to show search criteria.



Search options include:

  • All of these keywords
  • Any of these keywords
  • The Exact Phrase
  • Within # of miles of Postal code:
    • 10 Miles
    • 25 Miles
    • 50 Miles
    • 100 Miles
    • 250 Miles
  • Candidate Comments/Notes

Advanced Search

If you want to search with a boolean string, click Click here for the advanced search.



Once your search criteria is added click the Get the results button.

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