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User Maintenance: Export Users

The list of users can be exported into a CSV file for further review.

The users that will be contained in the export is dependent on the employees currently being viewed on the user maintenance list. By using the "Include Deactivated Users" option, filters, and the menu for how many users should be displayed, the user list can be whittled down until only the desired users remain. 

  1. Exporting a user list is done from the "User Maintenance" sub-menu found under Administration. To begin, click Administration from the menu bar.


  2. Click User Maintenance on the left-hand side.


  3. When you arrive, you will see the current users of your ATS.


  4. Use a combination of the "Include Deactivated Users", filters, and the menu for how many employees should be displayed at a time until only the desired users remain.


  5. Click Export Users....


  6. A confirmation dialog will appear to confirm the list of users to export. Click OK.


  7. A download for a CSV list of users will begin.
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