Offer Letter Templates

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Create offer letter templates that can be used to generate offer letters to send to applicants

The Offer Letter Templates admin menu item is available to system administrators and users who have the Generate Offer Letter permission.

Create New Offer Letter Template

  1. Click Add Template
  2. Add Template Name
  3. Add Template Content
    • A long list of mail merge fields are available in the Mail Merge drop-down menu. Mail Merge fields will auto populate using ATS data. If the information is not tied to data in the ATS, it will be completed on the Additional Fields page when creating an offer letter
  4. Click Save

Two mail merge fields exist for e-signature: Type Signature and Digital Wet Signature. Mail merge field(s) must be added to take advantage of e-signature functionality on offer letters. Type Signature is as it sounds; candidates will be required to type their name into a text box to e-sign the offer. This type of e-signature can be especially helpful if your offer letter requires candidates to initial places throughout the letter. Digital Wet Signature will require candidates to use their mouse or finger to e-sign the offer.

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