Job Templates: Add New Job Template

Job Templates are used to streamline the posting process and increase standardization. Job templates can be used to post a job or start a requisition. When using a template, fields will populate during the posting process.

Adding a New Job Template

  • All configurations to job templates are done from the "Job Templates" sub-menu found under Administration. To begin, click Administration from the menu bar.


  • Click Job Templates on the left-hand side.


  • When you arrive, you will see previously created job templates.


  • Click Add Template.


  • A modal should appear like below. Enter the information for your Job Template.
    For additional information regarding the available fields, please refer to the Job Template Fields section below.


  • Click Add Job Template when done.

Job Template Fields

  • Job Title: Job Title to be advertised.
    • The job title on a job ad should be an industry-recognized title and can differ from your internal job title.
  • Job Description: Your job ad.
  • Additional Requisition Information: This box will be hidden if just posting a job and not creating a requisition.
    • Tables and questions can be added to the template and will appear during the requisition creation process when the template is selected.
    • You can use custom fields to collect information from the requisition creator, instead of this box.
  • Postal Code: Where the job will be posted. Required by job boards. Can post to multiple locations.
  • Job Posting Fields: any fields in this section are custom and controlled by the system admin.
  • National Posting: To distribute your job posting to job board partners as a ‘National’ Posting.
    • This does not mean this posting will show up for all zip codes searched. Candidates must type ‘National’ in the location field to see it.
    • Visibility may be impacted. Not all job boards will accept the National Posting.
  • Telecommuting: To flag this position within the ATS as ‘Telecommuting’.
    • Use Telecommute in the job description; this will assist job seekers to easily find this position. (May be used instead of the toggle.)
  • Auto Responder: Will send the candidate an email letting them know that their submission has been received.
    • Select any auto responder email template created.
  • EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) Category: This is optional and will be used in your AAP report to track candidates who participate in the voluntary affirmative action survey.
  • EEO Group: This is optional and can be used to group similar jobs together into one category.
  • Onboarding Location: This is the location you have set up in your onboarding solution for the job.
  • Designated Batch Size: Only displays if candidate batching is turned on. Can be changed when template is used.
  • Number of Openings: Defaults to one. Can be changed when template is used.

Screening Questions

For additional information regarding screening questions, please refer to Screening Question Descriptions

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