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A hosted career page is a public-facing, branded page specific to your company. It is an add-on product that gains your company additional features in addition to the job feed widget. Candidates can search for jobs; add their resume to your candidate pool; or sign up for an email group based on your candidate labels to focus your email communication when posting new jobs.

Out of the box, a hosted career page leverages a mobile responsive design, meaning candidates can search for and apply to a job from their phone or tablet. Your company will receive a custom URL. Our intuitive online editor gives you the options and tools you need to create a flexible design that’s always up to date with a list of your latest positions to create a great first impression and overall candidate experience.

For example, you can easily customize the page to include:

  • Company color scheme
  • Company messaging
  • Logo
  • Video
  • Page layout
  • Job feed layout
  • Menu or no menu
  • Add a custom footer
  • Add your Google Analytics for tracking
  • And much more!


Example of Header section expanded


Accessing Career Page

  • Access the career page editor in your ATS by navigating to Administration.


  • On the left-hand side, click Career Pages.


  • Click ‘Edit’ by the Career Page Name


  • In the Modify Career Page Content Window, enter the Career Page URL provided by Arcoro. Enter a Home Page URL where the candidate should be directed to upon clicking the ‘Home’ button on the Hosted Career Page.



  • Logo URL - To use the logo located within Administration > Account Information, select the ‘Use Company Logo’ checkbox, or enter a different logo URL. This must be a URL.
  • Header Text - Enter text that should display in the Header
  • Header Layout - he layout will be determined based on if a menu is being utilized.


  • Menu - If a menu is needed on the page, the below script needs to be placed within the Menu Content Box (NAME should be replaced by the page name linking to. Must start with https://)
    <li><a href="URL/">NAME</a></li>
    <li><a href="URL/">NAME</a></li>
    <li><a href="URL/">NAME</a></li>
    <li><a href="URL/">NAME</a></li>
  • Banner Image URL - URL for the image you wish to display in the Banner.



  • Content Layout - controls the layout of the content on the page
  • Main Content - Input verbiage you wish to display above your listed jobs
    *IF you want to have jobs listed on the page as well as a search option, the job feed must be placed within the source <> in the main content* See below where to access your Javascript Code and Div ID



  • Video - Insert an embed code to add a video to the Hosted Career Page
  • Video Position - Determines the placement of the video on the page


  • Google Analytics - Managed by you.
  • LinkedIn Widget, Position, and ID - Allows the ability to add a LinkedIn Widget and the placement of the widget on the page.




The Sidebar determines the header for the Job Search Bar as well as what fields are needed to appear when searching for jobs.

  • Search Header Title - The title of the Job Search area
  • Talent Sign Up Title - The title that will display when ‘Allow job seekers to join as’ is set to ‘Candidate’
  • Outreach Title - The title that will display when ‘Allow job seekers to join as’ is set to ‘Outreach Group’
  • Allow Job Seekers to Join As:
    • Candidate - Allows a job seeker to upload a resume from your careers page. The candidate does not have to apply for a position to land within the Candidate Pool in the Arcoro ATS.
    • Outreach Group - Allows a job seeker to enter in their email address and opt in to receive notifications of future job opening for certain job categories



Allows you to customize the colors of your webpages. Within the fields on the branding page the RGB color needs to be used (a sequence of six numbers and letters).



  • Advanced Branding - This is where CSS can be applied. Anyone familiar with CSS can apply custom styling to enhance the look and feel of the hosted career page. If used, you will be responsible for updating your own branding. Some common examples of CSS used within this page:
    • Button color text white - .button, button, input[type="submit"], input[type="reset"], input[type="button"] {background-color: #RGB; color: #ffffff;}
    • Banner image at 100% displaying across page - button, button, input[type="submit"], input[type="reset"], input[type="button"] {background-color: #RGB; color:
    • Removed or changing color of the EEO Statement - #EOEStatement {display: none;} #EOEStatement {color: #RGB;}


  • Footer Layout - Determines the position and look of the footer.
  • Footer - The text entered here will be contained in the footer.


Job Feed

  • Heading - Will display above the job listings
  • Groupings - Determine how to group your jobs on the career page


  • Additional Options - Checkboxes that allow you to display additional items on your Hosted Career Page.
  • Click here to see Javascript code - clicking here will display the Javascript and Div ID needed for your job feed code. *Also reference Content > Main Content on how this can be used.


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