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Candidate Stages: Edit Stage Options

If an existing candidate stage needs to be updated, it can be done from the Candidate Stage menu. Default Candidate Stages cannot have their name or stage type changed. 

  1. If you are not already at the "Candidate Stages", click Administration from the menu bar.


  2. Click Candidate Stageson the left-hand side.


  3. When you arrive, you will see some default candidate stages and any others previously created. 


  4. Click the name of the candidate stage to edit.


  5. Edit the stage name as needed.
    • Setting the candidate stage to "Inactive" will move any candidate at the given stage into the "Inactive" bucket. Active candidate stages will leave candidates in the "Active" bucket.
    • Specify the email template that should be sent when a candidate is moved into a given stage. For more information about email templates, you can refer to the following article: Email Templates


  6. Click Save Changes when done.
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