Candidate Labels: Add Internal Only Label

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The ability to classify candidate labels as internal use only. This functionality mainly impacts our customers with hosted career pages. In the Join Our Talent Community area, there is a drop down menu titled Category, which shows the candidate labels created in the ATS. If a label is marked as Internal Only it will not appear in the category drop down menu.

By default, the Internal Only toggle at the Candidate Label modal is set to “No”. This makes the label available for use both internally and externally on the hosted career pages. Once the Internal Only toggle is set to “Yes”, that label will not appear in the category drop down on the hosted career page.

On An Existing Label

  1. Click on the label.
  2. Toggle option to yes for Internal only.
  3. Save Changes.

On A New Label

  1. Select Add Label button.
  2. Define new label.
  3. Designate if new label is internal only.
  4. Internal Only means that the label will not show up for job seekers in the Talent Community widget.
  5. Save Changes
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