Project Setup

  1. Project Name: Can be the same name as the evaluation form.
  2. Select the following options for Manager Permissions for this 360 project:
    1. Allow Manager to Specify Raters.
    2. Allow Manager to Launch Emails.
    3. Enable Feedback Reports - recommended to check to be able to have a full report to review.
  3. Select Report from the drop-down.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Locate the newly created project from the project list home page and select Add under the Rating Forms Column.
  6. Select the 360 rating form associated with this project from the left, under "Available Rating Forms." Select the arrows in the middle to move the form title to "Assigned Rating Forms."
  7. Close window and the form name will now appear within the rating forms.
  8. Make form Active/Open before sending the participation invite. Click on Closed to change Project Status to Open and vice versa. Once all responses have been collected, you can (not required) close the project so no further responses are accepted.

NOTE: Once the project status is switched to Open, no edits can be made and once the evaluation has been assigned, no edits can be made to the form.

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