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Launch Emails

An email will go out to invite participates to participate in a 360 review.

  1. Project - select project name from drop-down menu.
  2. Message Type
    1. Invite - initial message to be sent
    2. Reminder - to remind participates to complete
  3. From Address - apply an email address, needs to be a real email, like the manger's or Admin's
  4. Email Subject - Could be specific to the Ratee's name
  5. Email Body Template - select, if nothing appears, go to 360 Admin > Email Templates and add a new template
  6. The message will appear below. Edits can be made here, mail merge fields can be included, along with HTML.

If you have invited a customer or an external participant, note how they can log into the system. When a user is created, the new user receives an email with their username and a link to create their password.

  1. Select Launch Email to invite participants
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