Import Contacts

It is possible to import contacts into HRIS.  You can do this either by Importing the Contacts through a spreadsheet (Click “View Import Layout” for spreadsheet details) or through Outlook (Click “How do I import through Microsoft Outlook for details).

When importing contacts, click Import Format Excel to view the required format of the spreadsheet import contacts.



Once the Excel file has been saved: 

  1. Click Choose File
  2. An Open window will appear
  3. Select the file to be imported
  4. Click Open
  5. Type the spreadsheet name if importing from Excel
  6. Click Import File 


This is imported the same way you import benefits, employees or compensation from the administration portal in a company.

Many clients will import contacts when utilizing the system for CRM or customer relationship management.  You need to assign a contact for all companies or leads you have in your HRIS system.  This helps create them very quickly and gives the ability to assign multiple contacts to one company very fast as well. 

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