How Do I Post a Job?

Posting a job is done from the Application Tracking System module.

  1. If you are not already there, you will use the navigation menu to go to the Applicant Tracking System.


  2. Click the Jobs tab.


  3. Click the Post a Job tab on the right-hand side of the screen


  4. After clicking on it, it will provide the following options to create the posting:


  5. Once a selection is made, the screen to begin posting the job will appear. If the “From Scratch” option is used, the template will need to be filled in. If posting a job from a draft, template, or an existing job, then the template may already be filled in with a Job Description, the location(s) of the job, if there are multiple openings, etc.


  6. The following tab is the “Application Details” screen where a template can be selected, and screening questions can be created.


  7. The “Job Distribution” tab is where free and paid boards can be turned on to display the posting on other career pages.


  8. The final tab is “Confirm & Post” which where the job can be reviewed and posted to the website.


  9. After it is posted, you will be able to navigate back to the “Jobs” tab to view it.
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