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Issues Receiving Emails Sent By Arcoro

If you are having trouble with receiving emails, it can help to go through these basic questions to pinpoint the root of the issue.

  1. Is their email correctly entered? (No extra spaces, special characters due to copying and pasting the email, incorrect email domain)
  2. How is the employee/user set up to receive emails/notifications?
  3. Are all of your employees not getting these emails or just some?
  4. When did the issues with receiving emails begin?
  5. Are you getting any emails from the system at all?
  6. Could these emails be in your junk or spam folder?
  7. Is the company spam filter blocking the email?
  8. Has your domain been configured to allow emails from our products?

Steps you can take to try and resolve emails issues:

  1. Double-check their email address.
  2. Double-check the employee/user setup and try to send emails to other users with a similar setup.
  3. Check your spam/junk folder for emails sent from ""
  4. Double-check that your domain has been set for your organization's spam filtering service. 
  5. Check with filtering service for any "blacklisting" of the domain or IP.
  6. Check with filtering service to add "" as a safe sender or IP
  7. Check with filtering service to add SPF record for ""
  8. Add SPF record for "" to DNS
  9. If added – sometimes TLS is turned on / set to high priority – this needs to be "relaxed" – turned off for this IP address as TLS is saying we are sending the email encrypted. Our emails are encrypted when sent from our system.

If the above steps have been done and emails are still not being received, feel free to contact us for assistance with the troubleshooting steps you have gone through so far to help us better assist you.

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