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Indeed Quality Guidelines

Indeed has very specific guidelines for jobs posted on their site. If your jobs are not appearing on Indeed, they may have been flagged by the Indeed Quality Team. If this happens, review the below to ensure you are following the guidelines. 

Below are some of the general guidelines that the Indeed Search Quality team looks for when reviewing jobs to include in organic listings. Please note that these are just general guidelines and they may vary per country. Indeed reserves the right to reject any company or particular job for failure to meet quality standards.

  • Each posting should represent a real and currently available job
    • Simply put, the job should be a job. We do not allow postings such as product/service advertisements, training courses, business opportunities, or especially fraudulent listings.
  • Detailed job descriptions
    • Clear titles and detailed job descriptions result in higher conversion rates. Job descriptions should contain more than a couple of sentences and preferably include items such as a company overview, day-­to-­day responsibilities of the role, qualifications needed, etc.
  • Unique, non­ duplicate jobs
    • Duplicate listings, among multiple sources or within a single source, will not be approved for organic visibility. It’s confusing for job­ seekers to see multiple versions of the same job from different sources. We do our best to filter out duplicate listings and highlight the single source that provides the best job seeker experience.
  • Location specified
    • All jobs should contain both a city and state, and locations should not be included within job titles. If the job is posted outside of the United States, please include specific location information.
  • General ­recruitment/location ­blasted jobs
    • General recruitment jobs typically include some of the following characteristics: identical descriptions in multiple locations, mentions of hiring for multiple roles in one job posting, mentions of no experience necessary or flexible hours, and references self ­employment and commission only salaries. These types of jobs are not suitable for organic visibility on Indeed.
  • Reposting of jobs
    • The longer the job stays posted, the further it will fall in our organic search results. Reposting the job very frequently to have it placed higher in our search results is not accepted. If the jobs start to see a significant decrease in traffic we recommend sponsoring the job.
  • Short/easy apply process
    • In general, the application process should be short and simple. Jobs should not require the job seeker to pay any registration, application, training, or signing fees

For more information go to Indeed for Employers

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