Change Request Management: Manage Approvers

From this page, administrators can add new groups, manage existing groups.

Add Approver Group

Approver groups must be created prior to an approval workflow being added to a change request

  1. Click Add Group
  2. Name: Add Group Name. 150 Character limit.
  3. Description: Optional field. This will display on the manage approvers page
  4. Approvers: Choose approvers from the "Available Users" list and move them to the "Assigned Users" list using the > button
    • To move multiple users at once, press and hold the Shift key and click on desired users
    • The names of employees that will display as available approvers include all employees of the company
    • The number of employees added to a group is unlimited, but at least one is required prior to saving the approver group
  5. Click Save. Once the group is saved, it can be used immediately in change request approval workflows

Manage Approver Groups

From the Action column, the following options display in a picklist upon selection of the ellipses icon:

  • Edit Group: Group will open as the page would when initially setting up an approver group
  • Copy: Group will be copied with "Copy of: Group Name" as the title
  • Disable: Group will be permanently removed from the from list
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