Change Request Management: Administration

This page gives users with the Change Request Administration or Limited Change Request Administration permissions a view of all active change requests

Available Actions

Export: Modal will display allowing the user to set filters for manually exporting change request data

View Inactive Requests: Displays completed, canceled, and rejected change requests

Search: Search for change requests by name

From the Action column, the following options display in a picklist upon selection of the ellipses icon:

  • Cancel Request: Comments are required
  • Return to Initiator: Comments are required and initiator is expected to re-submit the request after making the appropriate change
  • Complete Request: Changes the request from active to inactive. Displays for approved requests only
  • View Request: Form will display in read-only mode
    • Manage Workflow: View and/or manage the approval workflow assigned to the request. If comments were provided with an approval or rejection, an expander will display next to the name/employee id of the user who approved or rejected the request. To modify the approval workflow, click the edit pencil which will cause the name of the approver group currently assigned to display along with a dropdown for selecting additional approver groups or replacing the group assigned completely. Once the changes are saved, a notification will be sent to the newly assigned approver group members notifying them they have been assigned the task of approving or rejecting a change request. Modifications can only be made to the approval step the request is currently sitting in.
    • Print: Print change request. Approval workflow, including comments (if applicable) will be included

Status of Request

  • Pending: Active status. Incomplete approval workflow
  • Canceled: Inactive status. Canceling a request requires the initiator to submit a new request
  • Rejected: Inactive status. Rejecting a request requires the initiator to submit a new request
  • Returned: Active status. If a request is returned to Initiator by an administrator, the initiator will receive a notification of the returned request. From the My Change Requests widget, they can open the request, make the appropriate changes, reconfigure the workflow (if desired), and resubmit. This function should be used if the request needs minor changes made prior to approval. Comments provided by the administrator when the request was returned will display at the top of the request form until the request is resubmitted.
  • Approved: Active status. Request has completed the approval workflow. Request will continue to display in widgets and on the administration page until an administrator changes the status from Approved to Complete
  • Complete: Inactive status. Administrator must change status from Approved to Complete manually
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