Ad Hoc Reporting

To access Ad Hoc Reports, Dashboard Administrators must give a new Report Administrator role to employees. When logged into the Dashboard, Administrators can select the Employee Admin menu and click Edit in the row for each employee then checking the box for Report Administrator. Employees with the Report Administrator role will be able to click on the Reports menu item and will be taken to the Reports home page.

Custom Reports allow you to create reports to analyze your Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance and Learning data. To start, you can view and edit an existing report by selecting one from the list below. You can also schedule, copy or delete existing reports by clicking the icons associated to each report.

Create a new report by clicking the "New Report" button. When creating new reports, after choosing from the list of source data, you can select the columns, rearrange columns (click and drag), filter, sort, and group your reports. All your report changes are automatically saved for later use.

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