Evaluations are part of the Performance Module. All evaluations assigned or completed by the employee will be located here. An Admin can also view, delete, or reopen an assigned evaluation from this tab. Click on the name of the evaluation to view. Admins will be able to view the Rater, Evaluation Name, Assigned Date, if Completed, Signoff Date (if applicable) and mark the evaluation as Employee Refused to Sign.

Delete Evaluation

Typically used if an evaluation was assigned incorrectly or is no longer valid for the employee. Also used within the testing phase of implementation. If an evaluation has been assigned, it cannot be edited. Evaluations are often deleted from test users, or others used for testing before Go Live.

Reopen Evaluation

If a correction needs to be made on a completed evaluation, the Admin can select to reopen the evaluation at any stage of the process and coach the manager/employee on what needs to be corrected. The administrator can choose which rater level to re-open the evaluation. Once reopened, the evaluation will display back in the Evaluations Due queue of the rater specified, and will follow the approval process set from there. The original version will be replaced with the new evaluation once completed.

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