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Add Activity & Progress Notes

  1. Locate New Plan by Plan name or Employee Name and Select Edit
  2. At the bottom of the plan details, below the Cancel and Save button, select New Activity
  3. Activities: These could be a list of different tasks the employee must complete in order to be completed for the plan, including a course from the LMS
    1. Activity Name
    2. Activity Description
    3. Activity Due Date
    4. Activity Type
      1. Activity to Support
      2. Formal Education - if purchased the LMS, a list of all the courses within the course catalog will appear to select from.

        Employee would receive an email to let them know they have been assigned the course. Once completed, the Activity would update with a completion date and the employees course history would be updated.

      3. Milestone
      4. On the Job Experience
      5. Relational - like a coach or mentor
    5. Completed Date - will auto populate IF a course from the LMS is the activity, otherwise, add manually
    6. Self-Rating

    Select Save to have the activity added to the employees Development Plan

  4. Select the Progress Notes tab to add a note

Progress Notes are viewable by employee and allows the manager to add in notes on how the employee is progressing with plan

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