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Succession Planning Admin

Manage Succession Plans

Succession Plans can be auto assigned to employees based off their job role, or Managers can manually assign to their direct reports. See Assign a Succession Plan for more details.

  1. Edit - Select edit next to the Succession Plan to edit and click Save when complete

    An assigned Succession Plan cannot be edited

  2. Delete - Only Succession Plans NOT currently assigned can be deleted
  3. Copy - Select the copy option to the far right to copy an existing plan, then edit and rename plan to make sure you don't have 2 plans with the same name.
  4. New Item:
    1. *Succession Plan Title - appears as the name of the plan assigned when employee views from Succession Planning > Succession Plans tab.
    2. *Est. Days for Completion
    3. Active will automatically be checked. Uncheck if you do not want to make plan active
    4. Description - only appears in this view, employee does not see
    5. Require District Manager Approval - not available
    6. Approval Email Notice Text - not available
    7. Additional Approval Email Notice Address - not available
    8. Default Succession Path Job Code - not available
    9. Send Approval to Divisional Manager - not available
    10. Completed Text - not available
    11. Save
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