How to Add Users for Onboarding

When adding a user to the Onboarding module, make sure that the username, email address, first name, and last name should match across all other modules in use such as the Applicant Tracking System, Learning Management System, etc. If you are using Core HR or ExakTime Connect, then only the Username has to match.

  1. All configurations to Users are done from the "Users" sub-menu found under Administration. To begin, click Administration from the menu bar.


  2. From the Administration bar, click Users.


  3. When you arrive, you will see previously created Users, if any.


  4. Click the Add User button.


  5. A pop-up will appear. Fill out new user information (e.g. username, email, first and last name, role, permission, company, location, etc.)
    • For best practice, we advise using the user's email address as the username as it is generally unique. If the user exists in other modules, the username, email address, first name, and last name should match the information in other modules.
    • Email - Typically a work email address so the user can receive notifications about new hires.
    • Preferred Name - Intended to be for a nickname or a preferred name.
    • Job Title -  The Job Title is pulled through on W4s so the formal job title should be entered. 
    • Roles:
      • Administrator - Allows the user access to the Admin menu for setup purposes, but cannot be assigned as a hiring manager for new hires.
      • Manager - Allows the user access to new hires as a hiring manager, but cannot access the Admin menu.
      • Manager/Admin - A combination of the above listed.
      • Kiosk - If enabled for your account, allows the user access to hiring templates that are enabled for the locations they are assigned to. They do not have access to the Admin menu and cannot navigate to other areas of Onboarding. 
        • If a user must have the Kiosk role, but perform other actions, they will need another user login and role to accommodate this.


  6. Click Add. The User account will be created and they will be notified by email.


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