Hiring Templates

Hiring Templates allow the hiring process to be streamlined by pre-populating job information on the Add New Hire screen. A manager can select a Hiring Template for a new hire, which automatically fills in each field with corresponding selections from the template.

Adding Hiring Templates Permission

  1. In the table, select the user's row to add the permission.
  2. Press the Action button ... to the right of the Admin, then 'Edit User'
  3. Under 'Permissions' check the box 'Manage Hiring Templates'
  4. Press Save.

Adding a Hiring Template

  1. Press Add Template
  2. Complete the following (* = required)
    1. Template Name*
    2. Location*
    3. Hiring Manager*
    4. Employment Type
      • Full Time
      • Part Time
      • Seasonal
    5. Job Title*
    6. Pay Rate*
      • Choose 'Hourly' or 'Salary'
    7. Amount*
      • e.g. 8.25

Using Hiring Templates

After a Hiring Template has been configured, it can be edited or Activated by pressing the Action button "..." to the right of the Hiring Template.

Once activated, managers will be able to select the template from a new Hiring Template dropdown on the Add New Hire page.

After a template is selected, the corresponding fields on the Add New Hire page will be auto-populated with the values selected on the template. The manager can make edits to any of the fields before submitting the new hire if they need to.

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