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System Administrators can set up custom fields for their employees and managers to complete during the new hire onboarding process; up to thirty fields for employees and managers. This feature is configurable and, while it is made available to all companies by default, a System Administrator has the ability to turn it off for any company upon request.

To set up custom fields:

  1. Navigate to Custom Fields tab.
  2. Select Add New Field.
  3. Field Label Text - Provide the field label name.
  4. ID - Used when integrating to other systems. Will automatically populate with the Field Label Text separated by underscores.
  5. Field Type - Text, Date, Dropdown, etc.
    • If selecting Dropdown, add the Select Options as one per line.
  6. Required - Choose to make the field required.
  7. Description - Add a description.
  8. Sort Order - Select the number in relationship to total Custom Fields.
  9. Press Add

Once all fields are set up for employees and/or for managers, they will display on an Additional Info tab within the new hire paperwork.

Manager Fields are available on the manager's new hire paperwork process.

Custom fields are available in the Automated SFTP and the Get Onboarded Employees API Method.

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