Courses: Required/Recommended Courses

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From this page, required and recommended courses can be searched for, assigned by multiple variables in the system, and set up to automatically renew. Example of a required course: if all employees need to take Understanding Sexual Harassment annually, this is where you will set it up to automatically reassign annually with reminder notifications to go out to the employees.

  1. Search by: select the category, then select the value. If there are assignments set up for the selection, it will appear below with the Course Title, Required/Recommended and Requirement (who it was assigned to)
  2. To create a new template/assignment:
    1. Select Add New Item
    2. Select desired course
    3. Select Required or Recommended
      • Required requires additional information (see below)
      • Recommended requires a selection of variable to assign by (see #4 below)
    4. Required For: decide which variable to assign by, then select the desired sub-items
      • Company Location
      • Department
      • Job Code
      • Group
      • Employee
        • Course will be assigned to selected employees
        • See note at the bottom of the page
      • Manager
        • Users with the Manager Role will be selected
        • Course will be assigned to the direct reports of the selected manager
      • All Managers
        • Course will be assigned to users with "Manager" role
      • All Employees
    5. Recurrence
      • Annual - Course will be assigned to employees each year
      • Bi Annual - Course will be assigned to employees every other year
    6. Start Date: when assignment is made
    7. Due Date: date course is to be completed by
    8. Email Reminder:
      • Once - Reminder will be sent based on designated "days before due date"
      • Daily
      • Every three days
      • Weekly
      • Bi-Weekly
      • Monthly
    9. Start Sending: Days Before Due - when the email reminders start
    10. Click Save

Reminder notifications are based off Due Date and Days Before Due fields

Selecting Employees: Quickly identify one or more employees by using the type-ahead search or filtering by category. Categories available include: Manager, Location, Department, Job Code, Group, and Business Unit. Make selections, then click Save.

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