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Users with the LMS Administrator or Training Administrator roles will be able to upload courseware files. Once uploaded into the LMS, the zipped courseware files will be opened and inspected to ensure that all essential files were included. While this inspection process is happening asynchronously behind the scenes and the status of the inspection is “Pending”, you can upload additional courseware files, navigate to other areas of the BirdDogHR platform, or even logout and walk away from your workstation.

Upload Course

  1. Press Upload Course Content
  2. Select zip file of course content (we accept eLearning industry standard courseware formats such as versions of SCORM, AICC, xAPI/TinCan, CMI5)
  3. A window will prompt to select courseware zip file. Press Browse or Drag and Drop Files in the box.
  4. Press Upload
  5. The following tab buttons will indicate the status of uploaded course files:
    1. Processing: course files are being uploaded, analyzed and installed. When the file is uploaded, it will automatically move to 'Successful.'
    2. Successful: course files that have been successfully loaded and can be added to Courses in the LMS.
    3. Added as Course: course files that have been attached to a Course in the LSM.
    4. Failed: course files that failed to be uploaded (due to improper file type, missing files in the zip, etc.) Contact course creator to request a new version of the zip file.
  6. After file moves to 'Successful' tab, press the "..." Action button to the right of the course.
  7. Press Create New Course
  8. Follow the steps here to finish creating a new Course from the courseware file.

Manage Course Files

Uploaded courseware can be managed by using the "..." Action button to the right of each 'Successful' or 'Added as Course' courseware file (see above). If a courseware file has been attached to a Course, you can 'Edit the Course' or 'Upload a New Version' of the courseware.

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