Certifications: Add/Edit Certifications

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New certifications can be added and existing certifications can be edited.

Add/Edit Certification

Certification Details

  1. Click Create New Certification
  2. Certification Title (required): This will show up in the drop-down for selection when assigning certifications
  3. Active/Inactive toggle - defaulted to Active
  4. Description: This will appear in the email notification and from the Admin view.
  5. Click Save

Email Reminders

  1. Days Before - how many days prior to the end date a reminder will be sent. The end date is a required field when the certification is being added by an employee, manager, or administrator
  2. Email Type - Who the email notification will be sent to
  3. Carbon Copy Recipients - additional users who should be carbon copied on the certification notice
  4. Select Add to have the email reminders added

Email reminders can be assigned to the same type multiple times, for example: An employee may have reminders set to go out to them 30, 14, 7, and 2 days prior to the end date.

Delete - can only delete a certification when it is NOT assigned to anyone. Go to Assign Certification to view who the certification may be assigned to. Delete the certification from those assigned, then delete the certification.

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