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  • Class Dates - this is associated with live classroom training, like Instructor Led or Virtual Instructor Led events. By applying date ranges, courses that have classes within those dates will appear to review and enroll in.
  • Competency - the drop-down will only populate if you have the Performance module, but allows the employee to search for courses by competencies.
  • Categories - all categories will be checked by default to show all courses within the primary view
  • Training types - for example, Online, Instructor Led, On the Job Training, etc.
  • Search the Catalog - key word option, add in keyword and select Go. This will search the Course Name and Description.
  • List View will automatically be checked, if unchecked, the course description will also appear.
  • Clear Search - will remove any current filters selected and reset to the defaults
  • Include Inactive Courses is an option available to training Administrators to allow them to access courses previously marked as inactive.

Employees are able to view if the course is required or recommended for them to take from the course catalog. If an employee launches the course from the catalog, verses their enrolled or assigned courses, all completions will still be tracked the same.

If a course has a Green checkmark next to the title, this indicates the employee has completed the course. Completed courses can be re-taken as often as the employee would like. Each completion will be a separate item.


The catalog list will indicate in the last column if a course has a prerequisite to complete first. Employee cannot enroll in a course until the prerequisite has been completed.

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