Add a Project Review Form

  1. Form Title - the title will appear at the top of the form and will also be the name of the evaluation when viewing from your evaluation list. The form title will be the evaluation name included within email notifications, as well. A default title will appear in the space. Delete the default text and type in your new title.
  2. Form Logo URL - convert any logo image into a URL. An example site is
  3. Form Type - Select Project
  4. Form ID - this is optional, but an additional way to keep track of your unique forms
  5. Settings
    1. Active - when checked, the evaluation is active and can be viewed in the active evaluations list. To view inactive evaluations, many pages have a "Include Inactive" view option
    2. Include Score on Evaluation - Will display individual section averages, calculated section scores and overall score at the bottom of the form.
  6. Form Instructions - by using the HTML editing tool, you are able to create instructions and add information to help the employee complete the form. Best practice would be to include information like process workflow, what this data will be used for, due date of the form, timeframes, etc. The Form Instructions will appear before the questions and you are able to copy and paste into this area.

All Evaluation forms will automatically include the following fields at the top of the form: Employee Name, Employee ID, Evaluation Date (assignment date), Job Title and Date of Hire.

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