Manage Competencies

The rating scale for the 25 out of the box competencies can be edited. To do so, locate the competency and select the edit option to the far-left column. The minimum number within the Scorecard red section should equal zero and the maximum number and highest rating ending in the green section should equal the highest value.

The colors, red, yellow, and green will give managers and administrators a great visual within Succession Planning of their high versus low performers. The score will be included in the visual but the colors will allow for an at a glance view.

Add a Competency

All fields are required.

  1. Select New Item
  2. Competency Name - this will appear in the drop-down competency menu when you create a question and tie it to a competency
  3. Description - this will appear within the question text for a question within an evaluation, when the competency has been selected for a question

Assigning a Competency

Tying competencies to a question can ONLY be done with the following question types: Drop Down, Radio Button, Text Area and Text Box. Click on 'Additional Question Settings' and select the corresponding Competency for the question being asked. If the question is left blank, the competency will be the only item to show up, with a choice of answers to select from. Keep in mind, competency ratings are what show up within the Succession Planning module, scorecard and make up a part of the population for the 9 Box/Talent Matrix and the overall performance score.

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