Evaluation Sections

Follow the steps below to Add or Edit sections on evaluations. For steps to create a new evaluation, click here.

Questions and Sections can only be added to evaluations that NOT been assigned.

  1. Search for the evaluation name; newly created will be at the top
  2. Click on the Actions icon "..." to the right and choose 'Questions'
  3. Section Settings

Section Settings

Admins can set up evaluations using sections to organize questions and each section will have an assigned weight (0%-100%). On the evaluation, each section will display an average score in real time. Once all answers are completed, the overall score will be calculated and display at the bottom of the evaluation, along with the calculated scores for each of the sections. Scores will only display on evaluations if the checkbox “Include Scores on Evaluations” is checked on the Evaluation Details page.

Each section has a Section Score field for displaying the average score for that particular section. The table at the bottom of the evaluation displays weighted calculations determined as follows:

  • Individual Section Score = Average Section Score X Assigned Section Weight
  • Overall Weighted Score = Sum of Individual Section Scores

Select Section Settings to edit the Default Section with a new name, description and weight assignment.

Select New Section to add as many sections as needed. The section will auto save as you populate; you do not need to click Save after adding a new section. The total of all section weights will not be allowed to exceed 100%. Sections can be moved around by selecting the up/down arrow options under the Move column.

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