Evaluation Workflow

The approval workflow is configurable. Below is the most common process. The self-evaluation can be eliminated and just the manager review can take place. The number of additional approvers is endless.

  1. Evaluation is assigned and a notification is sent.
  2. Self-evaluation is completed by employee.
  3. Manager completes employee evaluation.

If there is a manager change, the evaluation will unassign from current manager and reassign to new manager automatically. Important: If the evaluation completed the approval workflow when a manager change happens, the evaluation will go back through the approval process. The new manager has the ability to make changes to the evaluation (ratings, comments, etc.)

  1. Optional - Manager's Manager and/or additional approvers approve/reject and offer up feedback/comments to the manager. The evaluation cannot be completed until all additional approvers have approved the evaluation.
  2. Employee is able to view manager comments and prepare for meeting with Manager to review.
  3. Manager and employee meet, review the evaluation and either Finalize OR enter in their PINs to complete the evaluation process. The following message will appear when the evaluation has been completed in full.
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