Assign Evaluation

All evaluations assigned by you will be listed on the home page of Assigned Evaluation. This will show the assigned date, the employee being reviewed, completion status and if a self-evaluation was assigned.

Assigning an evaluation allows an Administrator to assign an evaluation in real-time as opposed to scheduling an evaluation.

Assigning a New Evaluation

  1. Select evaluation to assign.
  2. Select the employee(s) to be evaluated.
  3. Choose the evaluation perspective:
    • If you have a self evaluation only, change the perspective to 'Self.' The "Self Evaluation Completed First" box will disappear.
    • If you have a manager evaluation only, change the perspective to manager and leave the "Self Evaluation Completed First" box unchecked.
    • If you have a self evaluation first and a manager evaluation second, leave the perspective as Manager and check the "Self Evaluation Completed First" box to ensure that the employee receive the evaluation before the manager.
  4. Choose whether or not to hide manager comments until the evaluation is finalized. If checked, rater comments and ratings will be released to the employee only after an evaluation is finalized.
  5. Check "Self-Evaluation Completed First," if a self-evaluation will be completed versus just a manager review.
  6. Select email reminder preferences. Email notifications will be sent based off the assigned date of the evaluation.
  7. Choose whether or not to have a copy of the email sent to the manager. Select the manager name or an HR manager. Note: This setting has the potential to send a large number of reminder emails to a manager's inbox.
  8. Click Send Evaluation and the form will be assigned and email notifications will go out.
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