Job Posting Fields

Job Posting Fields



To promote your international job on your company’s career page, populate the country.

For United States and Canada only, entering the zip/postal code will populate the City and State/Province/Region.

Primary location


Select one primary location per job posting. This will set the only location distributed to when cross posting to paid job boards, as well as when posting to Indeed. You may add additional locations to paid job boards once the job has posted; each location will be a separate charge/credit.

Primary Location is the only location distributed to Indeed to prevent ‘Location Spamming’. Ex: if you have a job opening in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City it would be best to post three separate job ads.

To see a group as “Multiple Locations” you need to update your job feed code widget to the new version. If not updated, all locations will list individually.

Add a location (up to 20 per job posting)


To add a location for your posting, click ‘Add new Address’ button, and fill out the appropriate information.

If you have a job opening in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City it would be best to post three separate job ads.

Remove a Location


To remove a location, click the ‘X’ to the right of the location to be removed.

Number of Openings


Use this field when filling multiple openings with the same job description to track how many openings you have filed and how many are left to fill.

  • Ex: You need 25 Electricians for a project in Chicago in 30 days. Enter 25 in this field. Post the job. In the Job Profile page (managing Candidates) when you mark the candidates as Hired (Disposition), a ‘positions left’ counter will count down the number of openings left.

Close Date / Days to Post



When Posting / Creating a Req do not populate a Close Date or Days to Post. You can now REFRESH > the job distribution every 30 days. By doing this, you will no longer have to re-post jobs every 30 days, and therefore will no longer need to combine the candidates between multiple jobs. This will help you in your workflow of moving candidates from job to job. This will also improve the accuracy of the time to hire report.

Job Distribution

National Posting


To distribute your job posting to job board partners as a ‘National’ Posting – Set toggle to ‘Yes’.

This does not mean this posting will show up for all zip codes searched. Candidates must type ‘National’ in the location field to see it.

Visibility may be impacted. Not all job boards will accept the National Posting.



To flag this position within the ATS as ‘Telecommuting’, set toggle to ‘Yes’.

Use Telecommute in the job description; this will assist job seekers to easily find this position. (May be used instead of the toggle)

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