User Maintenance: Add New User

Having additional users in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows you to have more people involved throughout the system from job posting, approving candidates, and more.

  1. All configurations to users are done from the "User Maintenance" sub-menu found under Administration. To begin, click Administration from the menu bar.


  2. Click User Maintenance on the left-hand side.


  3. When you arrive, you will see the current users of your ATS.


  4. To add a new user, click Add User


  5. A menu should appear like below. Enter the employee's basic information, their email, and a username that will be used to log in with. It is advised to use the employee's email as the username for consistency and ease-of-use.


  6. Select the appropriate user roles.
    • If multiple user roles are selected, the lowest possible permissions level will be used and override other permissions. The best practice is to create a new user role instead of combining multiple user roles. For more information regarding this, you can refer to: User Roles
    • If a description has been entered for a user role, you can click Learn More for additional information.


  7. Select additional system responsibilities.


  8. Select Notification Preferences.


  9. If the user is from an Ad Agency, select "Add Agency Assignment".
  10. Click Save Changes when done.
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