Offer Letter Approvals

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Configure workflows to approve candidate offer letters

Create New Offer Letter Approval Process

  1. Click Add Approval Process
  2. Enter Process Name
  3. Select Approvers
    • Only system administrators and users with the Approve Offer Letters permission will appear in the drop-down menu
    • There is no limit to the number of approvers that can be added to each level
  4. Select Backup Approvers
    • Backup approvers are not sent offer letter notifications automatically - sent manually on view approval page
  5. Add Levels
  6. Click Save Changes

Existing processes can be edited or deactivated, making them no longer available when an offer letter is created. Any changes made to an approval process, including deactivation, will not impact offer letters currently in flight.

Approval Workflow Notes

  • Once the offer letter is submitted, the first level of approver(s) will automatically receive notification that an offer letter requires their approval. Each notification will include a link that will navigate the approver to a web page with the offer letter requiring they take action
  • The offer letter will display as read-only for approvers. At the bottom of the page, approvers will have the option to Approve or Reject the offer letter. If rejected, the approver will be required to provide comments before submitting their response
  • Once the offer letter has been approved by any user within an approval process level, the offer letter will automatically move on to the next level in the approval process
  • If an email notification needs to be resent to an approver or if a backup approver needs to receive the notification, the person who created the offer letter (or admin users) can do so from the offer letter list page
  • Once the final approval has been received, the offer letter status will automatically change from ‘Pending Approval’ to ‘Active’ and will be sent to the candidate for them to take action
  • If an offer letter is rejected at some point in the approval process, a notification will be sent to the user who created the offer letter. They will have the ability to view comments provided along with the rejection on the View Approval Process modal from the offer letter list page. A new offer letter must be created, as users do not have the ability to edit an offer letter once it has been sent for approval
  • If an offer letter is rescinded at some point in the approval process, a notification will be sent to all approvers who previously approved the offer letter or approvers who have the offer letter in their queue to approve
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