Job Requisition Approval

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Requisition approval process can be created to designate contacts that need to review a posting before it goes live. Unlimited req approval process can be created in the BirdDogHR ATS. The user creating a requisition request or creating a template can designate the correct approval process for that job.

Add a Job Requisition Approval Process

  1. Select Add Approval Process button.
  2. Type the name of the process in the 'Process Name' field.
  3. Select the user from the dropdown that should receive email notification once the req has been approved for posting.
  4. To add an additional approver: press the 'Click here to add an approver' action link at the bottom left of the modal.
  5. A new box will appear. From the dropdown choose an approver, assign the level, and designate a backup approver. If the backup should always receive notifications check the designated box.
  6. Click the action link to add additional approvers.
  7. Press Save Changes.
  8. A summary of the approvers will show in the Process Description column for each process.

Other Job Requisition Options

To show Job Requisition processes that have been deactivated, press the toggle next to 'Include Deactivated processes.'

Under the 'Action' column on the right, fields can also be:

  • Edited
  • Deactivated
  • Duplicated


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