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Add up to 15 additional internal-facing fields to the job posting process. Configurable Job Posting Fields can be used to include a field about the department, position ID, or something else entirely — the possibilities are endless. These fields are available for posting requisitions or jobs and available for view at the job profile and on reports that show data about jobs.

To enable Job Posting Fields, select the toggle on the Account Information page <Link Account Information Page>.

Add a Job Posting Field

  1. Select the Add Field button
  2. Label field
  3. Select field type
    • a drop down
    • a single line of text
  4. Set whether they are
    • required (Mandatory)
    • not required (Optional)
  5. Add a field description
  6. Input sort order
  7. Press Save Changes

Other Job Posting Field Options

To show Job Posting fields that have been deactivated, press the toggle next to 'Include Deactivated Fields.'

Under the 'Action' column on the right, fields can also be:

  • Deactivated
  • Edited
  • Duplicated
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