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Complete Guide to Job Groups

Build sub-sets of EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) categories to organize your applicants and stay in compliance.

Navigating to Job Groups

  • All configurations to job groups are done from the "Job Groups" sub-menu found under Administration. To begin, click Administration from the menu bar.


  • Click Job Groups on the left-hand side.


  • When you arrive, you will see previously created job groups.


Add a New Job Group

  1. To add a new job group, click Add Group.


  2. A modal should appear like below. Enter the name for the job group.


  3. Click Save Changes when done.

Edit a Job Group

  1. Click the name of the job group to edit.


  2. Edit the job group name as needed.


  3. Click Save Changes when done.

Deactivate a Job Group

A job group can be deactivated if it should no longer be used.

  1. Click the trash-alt-solid.svg icon to the right of the candidate label name.


  2. A confirmation modal will appear. Click OK.


  3. A confirmation message will appear in the top left if successful.


Viewing and Reactivating a Job Group

If a job group has been deactivated, it can be reactivated from the job group menu.

  1. Click the Yes/No toggle to show deactivated job groups.


  2. Click the plus-square-solid.svg icon to the right of the job group name.


  3. A confirmation modal will appear to confirm the activation. Click OK to confirm.


  4. A confirmation message will appear in the top left if successful.


Reordering Job Groups

The order in which your job groups appear in the admin section will be reflected in the job group dropdown menu. To move a job group simply click anywhere along the line drag and drop it into the desired order. Your changes will save automatically.


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