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Integration Partners: Background Checks & Drug Screens

  1. To add a new integration partner you will need your user account information and for some partners a user key.
  2. To identify what information you need to collect select the Add Credentials action link for your desired partner.
  3. Once you have the indicated information, put it into the corresponding fields and click Validate Credentials. Once your credentials clear you can save changes.

If using Wolfe as your background and drug screen provider, contact your account rep to set up the integration. You will not need to do anything in the integration partner section.

Wolfe – “Remote-Employment Drug Screening”

The “Remote-Employment Drug Screening” eliminates paper work and chain of custody forms. This product will send an email to the candidate with the address of the lab and a scannable code for the lab (chain of custody). Candidate can either show their smart phone with the code on the screen OR can print and take the email to the lab. The results will continue to post back in the ATS.

The person who ordered the test gets a copy of that email too just in case the candidate states they didn’t receive the email.

Currently works with Quest and LabCorp labs.

In the Chain of Custody field you do have to enter something to move it through the process. There is a note next to that field to enter 3 0’s “000” but any 3 characters will do.


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