Configuration Information: Candidate Batching

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Candidate Batching will limit the amount of candidates that will display for a Hiring Manager or Recruiter to review at a time. The most qualified candidates will appear first.

  1. Scroll down to find the Enable Job Candidate Batching toggle.
  2. Toggle option to Yes.
  3. Click Save Information at the bottom of the page.
  4. Once the toggle option is turned on, a new option will appear in the admin list titled “Default Batch Size”.
  5. Within the text area, type the number of desired candidate in each batch. When a new job posting or req is created, the batch size will default to this number. Note: this default number can be overwritten by the job poster.

The Job Candidate Batching feature is only recommended for large volumes of candidates.

Email Notifications

When a candidate applies and they are “behind the batch” no email will be released UNTIL they are put into the next batch. Then a New Batch email is generated for the entire batch with hyperlinks to each candidate’s application.

Within batching we have added the ability to Auto disposition individuals. Batching must be turned on in the Admin section to see this enhancement.

If Enable Job Auto Disposition is set to Yes: applicants not viewed when the job has been closed will automatically disposition to ‘Not An Applicant – Did Not Review’.

If you manage candidates before closing the job, turn on the Auto Disposition, letting the system disposition for you.

This will send the following system generated email from DONOTREPLY@BIRDDOGHR.COM with a subject line of ‘Application update for Admin at ACME & Sons’:

Dear John Smith,

We would like to inform you that we will not be pursuing you for employment in regards to job of Project Manager in Des Moines, IA. We will keep your resume on file and will review other job opportunities that might become available in the future.

Beth Johnson


If Enable Job Auto Disposition is set to No: after a candidate is hired, use the ‘Position Filled’ button to auto disposition and email the candidates not reviewed.

If you manage candidates after a job is closed – turn off the Auto Disposition, so you can finish reviewing. When you are finished, use the Position Filled Button.

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