Implementing Your Job Feed Code

What Is It?

Career Page Code is a javascript snippet that is added to your website such as your career page. Once created and inserted onto your website, active jobs will display, and closed jobs will be removed from your site.

Once the Career Page Code is placed on your website you can make all modifications through your ATS. You will no longer have to work with the website designer for these modifications.

The top advantages of using the Career Page Code on your website:

  1. National Labor Exchange. Our partners will push your jobs to the National Labor Exchange and the State Workforce Agency for the state the job is listed in.
  2. Job seeker experience. Studies are showing that job seekers are researching companies prior to applying. Listing current job openings on your website allow the job seeker to easily apply after their research.
  3. SEO (search engine optimization). This will increase your visibility within the search engines as people look for your organization and more importantly working for/with your organization.
  4. Increased visibility. This leads to more job candidates!

If you would like a PDF copy of the information below to provide to your web developer, you can refer to the following file.

Basic Instructions

These are the basic instructions to create the Career Page Code. After retrieving the code, it will need to be placed on your website. Once that has been completed, any changes to your Job Feed can be managed through the ATS with no changes needing to be made on your website.

  1. Login to the ATS:
    1. Go
    2. Enter Username.
    3. Enter Password.
    4. Click Submit.
  2. Click Administration from the menu.
  3. Click Career Pages from the left navigation.
  4. Click Edit under Action for the appropriate Career Page Code.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the modal (pop up).
  6. Click “Click here to see Javascript code”.

Sending the Career Page Code to your Website Administrator (One Time Only)

Sending the Career Page Code to your Website Administrator will only need to be done once. After this has been placed on your Careers/Job page on your website, you will be able to manage changes to the Job Feed from within the ATS.

  1. Select and Copy all green text (This is the script your website designer needs to place on the page of your website you want the jobs to appear).
    • Tip for your web designer. Place this between the head tags on the careers/jobs page of your site (whatever page you are using to display openings within your organization).
    • Tip for your web designer. Placement between the head tags may be difficult on a Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, or other Content Management System. We suggest placing it in the Source View (content area) of the appropriate page (career/job page).
  2. Paste in an email or text document to send to your web designer.
  3. Select and Copy the <div id=“YOURINFO” > </div >
    This is in gray text near the bottom of the page.
  4. Paste in an email or text document to send to your web designer.
    • This needs to be placed within the body tags of your site where you want the Career Page Code to display on the page.
    • For Example, If images or videos are displayed at the top of your webpage, typically you will want to place the Career Page Code below any videos, text, or general company information. The div tag needs to be placed below the videos, text, or general company information in your source view of that page.
  5. Send the email to your Web Designer.
    • Put both the Script and the Div Tag onto your website.

Job Feed Configuration/Layout

Once your Career Page Code has been placed on your website, any configurations can now be made through your ATS. You will not need to resend the Career Page Code.

  1. Set your preferences for your Job Feed.
    • See Job Feed Configuration Options for more information on your configuration options.
  2. Click Save Changes.
  3. View your website to see your configurations.
  4. Repeat Configuration Steps to make modifications.
    • To place the Job Feed on a different spot on your webpage, ask your Website Administrator to move the div tag.

Job Feed Configuration Options

There are several configuration items within a Career Page Code. Below is a diagram of its parts.


Your choices in the configuration of the Job Feed will change how it is displayed on your website.

Configuration Option Details

For more information about configuring your Career Page from your ATS Administration page, you can refer to the following article.


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