How To Update ExakTime Mobile

Keeping ExakTime Mobile up to date ensures that you have the latest features and bug fixes. It is best to update ExakTime Mobile on Wi-Fi in case you have a limited cellular data plan. Before updating ExakTime Mobile, it is advised to sync all unsent information such as field notes and time records to your ExakTime Connect system to prevent any unforeseen data loss.

Updating on iOS

  • Go to the App Store.


  • Go to Updates in the bottom bar.


  • If there is an available ExakTime Mobile update, press Update. If it is not listed, you can pull the window down to check for any new updates. If there is still no option to update ExakTime Mobile, then you have the latest version available for your device.


Updating on Android.

  • Go to the Play Store.


  • Press the three lines in the top left to show the menu.


  • Go to My Apps & Games.


  • If there is an available update for ExakTime Mobile, press Update. If there is no update available, then you already have the latest available version for your device.


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