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Managing Employees, Locations & Cost Codes in ExakTime Mobile

If you have permission to manage entities in ExakTime Mobile, you can add or view an employee, location, cost code, etc.

Before adding an entity, make sure that the entity does not already exist to avoid duplicates. It can also help to establish a naming pattern for consistency.

Navigating to Manage

  • Tap the menu button in the top left (≡) and tap Manage.


  • Tap the entity you want to manage.


Adding an Employee, Location, Cost Code, etc.

While it is best practice to add new entities such as employees, locations, and cost codes from ExakTime Connect, they can be added from ExakTime Mobile if necessary, such as an employee that was hired on the spot or for a new location/job to track time for. After you have added the new entity, it can only be edited by an ExakTime Connect administrator.

It can be helpful to double-check with your ExakTime administrator for how entity names should be entered for consistency.

  • Tap the + icon in the top right.


  • Enter the information necessary for the entity. When entering the information for the entity, It can be helpful to double-check with your ExakTime administrator how information such as names should be entered.


  • If you're adding a location, you will be prompted to use your device's position as the location of the location. This is used with the Geofence to confirm an employee was within the vicinity of the location when clocking in/out.


  • Double-check the information, then tap Save.

Viewing Info For An Employee, Location, etc.

  • While viewing the list of available entities, tap the entity to view its information. This can be useful if you need to provide an address or review comments about an entity.



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