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View And Edit Unsent Time Records On ExakTime Mobile

If given permission, you can edit unsent time cards from the History screen of ExakTime Mobile. This can help in situations where an employee may have forgotten to clock in and you need to adjust the clock in time or if the employee had selected the wrong location.

Viewing Clock In/Out History

Tap History from the Time Clock screen of ExakTime Mobile. You will be able to see all records created on the device from the past two weeks with an indicator if the record has already been sent to ExakTime Connect. 



Edit Unsent Records

  • Tap an unsent record.


  • If using iOS, press the Edit button. 
    If using Android, tap the three dots in the top right and tap Edit.


  • Adjust the time record as needed, then tap Done/Save.


Delete Unsent Records

  • Tap the unsent record to delete.


  • If using iOS, tap the Edit button and then tap Delete Record
    If using Android, tap the three dots in the top right and tap Delete.



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