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Clocking In/Out For Another Employee/Crew With ExakTime Mobile

"Clock For" allows an employee, such as a supervisor or team lead, to clock in/out on behalf of other employees.

When clocking in/out, please be aware that "Clock For" will not have any of the requirements/restrictions that the "Clock In" functionality may require such as:

  • No FaceFront photos
  • No GeoFence Warnings/Restrictions 
  • No GPS/Location Services Requirements

Permission to use "Clock For" in ExakTime Mobile must be given by the ExakTime administrator and is reserved for higher-level users such as administrators or supervisors. If you are unable to see "Clock For" and believe that you should have it, please consult your Exaktime administrator for assistance.

  • Tap Clock For at the bottom (on iOS) or the top (on Android) of the Time Clock Screen.


  • Tap Choose Employee or Choose employee or crew. If you already see an employee/crew's name, tap the name instead.


  • Tap a crew name to view the employees belonging to the crew or tap 'All employees' to view all employees available to you. 


  • Tap This Crew to clock in/out if viewing a crew to clock in/out all employees belonging to the crew. Tap an employee's name to clock in/out a single employee.

    • If a crew temporarily needs additional employees or needs employees removed, you can use 'Crew Confirmation', if available, later in the process.

  • Tap and select the location and cost code to be used if clocking in. Tap GO or STOP when ready.


  • If 'Crew Confirmation' is enabled, you can add or deselect employees from the clock in/out. Adding or deselecting employees will not change the crew list and will only affect the current clock in/out. Tap Clock In when ready.


  • You should see a success confirmation.


  • If you need to change an employee(s) location and/or cost code, you would simply clock them in again. You do not need to clock out the employee to change their location or cost code.
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