Team View on ExakTime Mobile

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Team View allows you to see where employees were when they clocked in on a map to give you an overview of where everyone is working. 

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  • To begin, open ExakTime Mobile on your mobile device.
    If it has been properly set up, you will encounter a number pad.
    At the number pad, you will enter your ExakTime Mobile PIN and press the arrow in the bottom right.
    If you are unsure of your ExakTime Mobile PIN, please check with your ExakTime Connect Administrator.
  • At the Time Clock screen, press the Team View tab.
  • You will see a map of your general area. If you do not see your general area, press “Update” at the top.

    Each pin on the map is the position of an employee at the moment of clocking in.
    You can press the pin to see the name of the employee associated with the pin.

    To search for a specific employee, press the magnifying glass in the top right and search for the employee in the list.

    NOTE: To appear in Team View, an employee must meet three basic criteria.

    1. The employee must be currently clocked in
    2. The employee must have GPS information at the time of their clock in.
    3. The employee’s mobile device must have cellular data to send their GPS information.


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